Rahat Indori Shayari In Hindi| Best 50+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Rahat Indori Shayari In Hindi is a whole lot of shayaris and ghazals of famous Urdu poet Rahat Indori. Rahat Indori (1 January 1950 – 11 August 2020 ) was a lyricist and poet. Rahat Indori has done an M.A. and PhD in Urdu Literature. He was also a former professor of the Urdu language and a painter. Rahat Indori Shayari … Read more

Jaun Eliya 2 Line Shayari| 25+ Best Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers

Jaun Eliya 2 Line Shayari

Jaun Eliya (14 December 1931 – 8 November 2002) was a poet, philosopher, and scholar. He was an Indo – Pak poet. He has command over several languages like Urdu, Persian, Arabic, and English. Jaun Eliya 2 Line Shayari is an ‘astonishing’ group of Shayaris, Ghazals, and Nazm. Jaun Eliya 2 Line Shayari is best known for being written in … Read more

Tahzeeb Hafi Shayari| 20+ Best Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Tahzeeb Hafi Shayari is like magic for all of us. We get enthralled by the beauty of his poetry and recitation style. He is a Pakistani poet, born in district Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan on December 5, 1989. He is the most popular poet of our time.  His writing goes straight to the heart of the … Read more