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Tadap Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Tadap Shayari mein behtarin tadap ke ahsas ko beyan keya gaya hai. Is sher mein ek aisi tadap hai jo emotional aur dard bhari hai. Shayar apne mashooqa ko pane ke liye bhut tadap aur dard ke sath intezar keya hai. Tadap Shayari ke mashoor shayar Jigar Muradabadi, Azad Ansari, Qateel Shifai, Irfan Sattar, jaise khas log hain.    Tadap Shayari   1 – hamen bi niind … Read more…

Pyar Ki Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Pyar Ki Shayari logon ki pasandida shayari mein se ek hai, is mein shayar apne pyar ka izhar karta hai. Log pyar ki shayari ke zariye apne pyar ka izhar karte hain. Pyar ke shayar mein kuch mashoor shayar Jaise ke Shahir Ludhiyanvi, Jaan Nisar Akhter, Momin Khan Momin, Bashir Badr jese log aate hain. Pyar Ki Shayari, shayari lovers k liye bht … Read more…

Rajneeti Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm


Rajneeti Shayari is a subject on which a large chunk of written work has been done. Shayars has also written a lot on that subject. Rajneeti Shayari explores the arena of the political situation at the national as well as international level. Usually, Sarcasm is the main theme of Rajneeti Shayari. Rajneeti Shayari has written by famous poets like Bashir Badr, Nida … Read more…

Bachpan Ki Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm


Bachpan Ki Shayari is based on the beautiful memories and experiences of our childhood or Bachpan. Bachpan is something that no one will ever forget.  If not everyone then at least most of the people want their childhood back.  Bachpan Ki Shayari will help you cherish your Bachpan in the most beloved way. Go ahead read our Bachpan Ki Shayari and share it … Read more…

Wada Shayari| Best 40+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Wada Shayari is a whole lot of lovely shayaris. Shayaris or poetries are one of the best mediums of expression. Shayars and poets are so thoughtful and they have got an excellent sense of picking up experiences. Wada Shayari explores the different hemispheres of life. A couple shares a different bond, parents and child share different and … Read more…

Ehsas Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Ehsas Shayari is a bunch of beautiful shayaris on the aspect of realization. Realization is the subject matter of various poets. Ehsas is that inner voice that reminds you of your own self. Ehsas Shayari has based on the sudden realization that a person undergoes. Ehsas is all about consciousness.  Ehsas Shayari has written by popular poets like Aasi Uldani, Bashir Badr, … Read more…

God Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm


God Shayari In Hindi is compiled together to give you a sigh of relief. God is Almighty and you need someone who is the greatest to pick you up. God gives you hope. He keeps you going. God Shayari In Hindi is written with the purpose of helping people who are lonely, depressed, and hopeless.   God Shayari … Read more…

Duniya Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Duniya Shayari is designed to give you a broader perspective of this Duniya or the world you live in. There are several mediums of expression, and one of the best mediums is through writing shayaris, ghazals, and nazms. Duniya Shayari is written by shayars like Bashir Badr, Akbar Allahabadi, Baqi Siddiqui, Sahir Ludhianvi, Allama Iqbal, Rahat Indori, Mirza Ghalib, Jaun … Read more…

Children’s Day Shayari| Best Sher, 3+Ghazal & Nazm

children's day shayari

Children’s Day Shayari celebrates Children. As we know, there are several specific days for several occasions so is the case with Children’s Day. World Children’s Day also known as Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of November annually. But in India, Children’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of November. This day highlights the significance and needs for rights, care, and education for … Read more…

Republic Day Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Republic Day in India is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It is the day that marked the inception of the Constitution of India. It is a National Holiday. Celebration is marked by parades, speeches, and cultural activities with the distribution of sweets.   Republic Day Shayari will help you with your performance on this day.  Republic Day Shayari will also enlighten … Read more…