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Good Morning Shayari In Hindi| Best 20+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Good Morning Shayari In Hindi is for Shayari lovers. When you are in love and you have someone who loves you immensely then you send to them Good Morning Shayari In Hindi as a token of love.  Shakeel Badayuni, Ibn e Insha, Rahat Indori, Waseem Barelvi, Jaun Elia, etc. have written great Shayari on Good Morning Shayari In Hindi. Very selected … Read more…

Love Story Shayari| Romantic love Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, Geet, & Nazm for Lovers


Love Story Shayari, Romantic Love Shayari is collected to give you an essence of love in your life. It will reignite the long-lost love and its feeling, so be ready to dive into it and enjoy it to the fullest.  Love Story Shayari, Romantic Love Shayari will help you uplift your mood with the amazing collection of shayaris, … Read more…

Pyar Wali Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Pyar Wali Shayari In Hindi will remind you of your beautiful moments with your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or love interest. Pyar Wali Shayari In Hindi has been selected under one umbrella to give you a sigh of relief. It will help you impress, surprise and fascinate your lover with your choice of shayaris from our article. This collection is … Read more…

Khubsurat Chehre Pe Shayari In Hindi | Face Pe Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Khubsurat Chehre Pe Shayari In Hindi, Face Pe Shayari, is a great collection of Sher, Ghazal, Nazm. The face has always been the centre of attraction, and many poets have written great prose and poetry on it.  Khubsurat Chehre Pe Shayari In Hindi, Face Pe Shayar, has also been in great demand from Shayari lovers. They read … Read more…

Propose Day Shayari, Pyar Ka Izhar Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm for Lovers


Propose Day Shayari, Pyar ka Izhar Shayari is composed to help you propose your prospective partner. Specifically, this will also help you on Propose Day that is celebrated on 8 February in India. It is the second day of Valentine’s Week.     Propose Day Shayari is written by shayars like Khumar Barabankavi, Akbar Allahabadi, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Jaleel Manikpuri, … Read more…

Shayari On Eyes| Ankhon Pe Shayari| 25+ Best Sher Ghazal, & Nazm For Lover

Shayari on eyes

Ankhon Pe ShayariShayaris, Ghazals, and Nazms are the most desirable medium of expression for anything. Shayari On Eyes, Ankhon Pe Shayari,  is composed to express the beauty a lover sees in their beloved. Eyes are one of the tiniest as well as finest creations of the divine. Lovers usually convey their love for their loved ones … Read more…

Shayari On Beautiful Girl| 25+ Best Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Shayari On Beautiful girl is a lot of elegant shayaris, ghazals, and nazms. Shayari On Beautiful girl is a voice to your feelings for your beloved. It is most common for people to look for some shayaris or poems to represent what they don’t able to express themselves. Shayari On Beautiful girl is here to help you all and … Read more…

Independence Day Shayari| 15th August Shayari| Azadi Pe Shayari| Best Shayari For Lovers


Independence Day Shayari,  15th August Shayari, Azadi pe Shayari is a combination of all nationalistic shayaris, ghazals, and nazm. As we know, 15th August holds a wonderfully intimate place near to our hearts. 15th August is known as Independence Day in India. Indians observe the national holiday on this date and consider it is our national … Read more…

Sufi Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Sufi Shayari is basically there to connect you to the divine through your soul. It emerged from the roots of Islamic tradition and culture. Sufi Shayari deals with Sufism which means mysticism. Sufism is also known by the name taswwuf.  Sufi Shayari was written by some poets like Akbar Allahabadi, Khwaja Meer Dard, Allama Iqbal, Ameer Khusru, Dagh Dehlvi, Mirza Ghalib and many more.  Sufi Shayari … Read more…

Comedy Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Comedy Shayari here to let you laugh out loud. As we know, because of hectic and tiring schedules, we even forget to smile, let alone laugh. For our entertainment, we hold the rope of our mobile phones.  We ‘just’ love to laugh with our whole lot of friends and never forget anything funny to share with … Read more…