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Happy Father’s Day Shayari- 24 Best Shayari & Nazm On Father

happy father's day shayari

Happy Father’s Day Shayari is a tribute to all fathers. Father is more than a particular person or a figure. Father is an emotion. Father is “not a mother in disguise”, he is solely and distinctly a figure of what he meant to be. We overlook the sacrifices and efforts he makes for fulfilling the void in our lives. … Read more…

Romantic Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend- Best 50+ Ashaar


Love is a feeling. When you fall in love, then Shayari begins. ‘Romantic Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend’ is a tribute for all lovers. Loving someone and be loved by someone gives us a feeling of contentment and happiness.   Some great romantic poets have penned great poems on romantic Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend. Some … Read more…

Heart Touching Love Shayari For Girlfriend In Hindi | Love Shayari In Hindi | Best 25+ Sher

Heart Touching Love Shayari For Girlfriend

Shayari is considered to be a medium of expressing love. Love Shayari in Hindi is a very popular topic of Shayari through which a person expresses his/her love to a person. Their many famous poets like Bashir Badr and Rahat Indori who have written many couplets and poetry on Heart Touching Love Shayari For Girlfriend in Hindi. Heart … Read more…

Eid Mubarak Shayari in Hindi|Eid Shayari|The Best 25+ Sher


Shayari is the best medium for festival wishing. eid mubarak shayari in hindi is a very traditional topic of poetry and why not because eid is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. Many famous poets like Amjad Islam Amjad and Faiz Ahmed Faiz have written many couplets and poems on eid mubarak shayari in hindi. Eid Mubarak Shayari in Hindi Eid Shayari in Hindi … Read more…

Intezaar Shayari in Hindi|Shayari on intezaar|The Best 20+ Sher

Intezaar Shayari in Hindi and Shayari on Intezaar is the very famous tittle of poetry because time is a limited and precious resource. You found many couplets on Intezaar in the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Eliya, Basheer Badr, and Qatil Shifai. Before proceeding I like to refine what Intezaar means for us. According to many dictionaries, The exact … Read more…

Dhoka Shayari Hindi|Shayari on Dhoka|The Best 20+ Sher

Dhoka Shayari Hindi

Dhoka Shayari Hindi or Shayari on Dhoka is in trend because the maximum love stories or relationship end with dhoka or betrayal. Shayari is not completed without Romance, love, Hate, Breakup, betrayal, dishonesty Etc. Poets like Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Eliya, Basheer Badr, and Qatil Shifai, Firakh Gorakhpuri, have written sher on dhoka or betrayal. Before continuing I like to … Read more…

Bewafa Shayari in Hindi for love|The Best 20+ Sher of Famous Poets

Bewafa Shayari in Hindi for love

Bewafa Shayari in Hindi for love is very trending because maximum love stories end with bewafai. Poetry is not completed without, Love, Romance, Breakup, Hate, Bust-up, Etc. The poetry of Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Eliya, Parveen Shakir, and Basheer Badr, etc orbits around the topic of Bewafai. Before continuing I like to refine what Bewafai means for … Read more…

Motivational Shayari in Hindi for Students|The Best 20+ Sher

Motivational Shayari in Hindi for Students

Shayari is the best medium for motivation. Motivational Shayari in Hindi for Students is very demanding and challenging because every student needs motivation. The poetry of Allama Iqbal revolves around the motivation. Before continuing I like to refine what motivation means for us. Motivational Shayari in Hindi for Students Motivation is the term derived from the word … Read more…

Very Sad Shayari in Hindi|Best Ghazal|Top 20+ Sher

very sad shayari in hindi

Very Sad Shayari in Hindi is very particular and Challenging and it is a compound of, Love, Romance, Hate, Separation, Sadness. The poetry of Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Eliya, Parveen Shakir, Faiz Ahmad Faiz revolves around the feeling of Sadness and Broken Heart. Before continuing I like to refine what Sadness means for us. Sadness is a spontaneous pain associated characterized by, feels … Read more…