Happy Kiss Day Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Happy Kiss Day is celebrated on the 13th of February every year. A day before Valentine’s Day. It is the &th day of valentine’s Week. A kiss is an expression of love. Happy Kiss Day Shayari is a bundle of affectionate, warm, and lovely shayaris, ghazals, and nazms. Happy Kiss Day Shayari can be used any time of the … Read more

Gila Shikwa Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Gila Shikwa Shayari is one of the popular topics in Urdu shers, ghazals, and nazms to write on. Several poets wrote on this subject and they excel at it.  Gila Shikwa Shayari is composed of complaining lines. Complain or Gila Shikwa is usually present in every relationship but it is most common between lovers.    Gila Shikwa Shayari is written … Read more

Smile Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Smile Shayari In Hindi will give you a perfect day. Shayaris are always the best medium to express yourself. And Smiles always bridges the gap between two people. So, what can be better than to express your smile through the medium of shayaris, ghazals, and nazm? Smile Shayari In Hindi is designed to give you all pretty smiles on … Read more

Family Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Family Shayari In Hindi is here to give you all good family time. It will cheer you up and uplift your mood by giving you strength and by reminding you that you have got a such beautiful family.  Family Shayari In Hindi is a pure topic in Urdu Shayari, Ghazal, and Nazm to write on. Nevertheless, we … Read more

Udasi Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, &Nazm For Lovers


Udasi Shayari is a wide subject of writing in shayaris, ghazals, and nazms. In Urdu literature, there is an immense number of shayars who write on sadness, broken heart, and many more.  Udasi Shayari is one of those topics.  When someone fails in love or doesn’t able to get what they want for themselves then they become udaas.  Udasi … Read more

Happy New Year Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Happy New Year Shayari is here for you all on the auspicious occasion of this New Year. As we know, New Year brings with it a lot of new beginnings, hopes, and aspirations so here we are helping you welcome this new year with Happy New Year Shayari, Ghazal, and Nazms.  Happy New Year Shayari is compiled to bring all the Happy … Read more

Ahmad Faraz Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Ahmad Faraz Shayari is a compilation of the works of the great poet Ahmad Faraz. His full name was Syed Ahmad Shah Ali but his pen name was Faraz. Ahmad Faraz (12 January 1931 – 25 August 2008) was an Urdu Poet and Lecturer. He has done his Master’s degree in Persian and Urdu Literature from The University of Peshawar.  He belonged … Read more

Khafa Shayari| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Khafa Shayari will give voice to your voiceless feelings. You can put your feelings of anger and disappointment into their correct place with the help of Khafa Shayari. Shayaris, Ghazals, and Nazms are one of the best and popular ways of expression.  Khafa Shayari will help all those angry and broken people in love.  In this bunch of Khafa Shayari, we … Read more

Dua Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Dua Shayari In Hindi is a lot of shayaris, ghazals, and nazms for sending dua or prayers. Dua Shayari In Hindi will help you out while you are sending some warm wishes to your family, friends, relatives, or lovers.  Dua Shayari In Hindi will help you realize the significance of Duas or prayers, it will also highlight your love … Read more

Attitude Shayari In Hindi| Best 25+ Sher, Ghazal, & Nazm For Lovers


Attitude Shayari In Hindi is here to define your swag among the crowd. Keep up your spirits and do not let others opinion of you sway you away. Nobody has the power to make you feel guilty and useless. You have got your power, style, and attitude. Attitude Shayari In Hindi is a combination of shayaris, ghazals, and … Read more